Happy New Year!

I don’t really get why the start of a new year pleases people so much. It just makes me very aware of my mortality. However, two undeniable goods come of it: the winter TV season and the legit awards season.

We’ll finally get closure (for a while, anyway) on our favorite programs. For me, that’s Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal. I also kind of hate-watch Glee. Plus other shows return, like ABC Family’s The Fosters and the endless Canadian teen soap Degrassi, which I have faithfully followed since 2002. Winter pilots give you the opportunity to find new obsessions, especially if you’re getting over canceled new favorites from the fall.

The other major thing I care about is the award season. Namely, the Grammys and the Oscars, although there’s also the Golden Globes and SAG/DAG/WAG Awards. Soon enough, it’ll be predictions time, which can be even more fun than the actual award announcements.

And as a bonus, those of you who care get the Super Bowl and the Winter Olympics! Meanwhile, I’ll be rolling my eyes at tomorrow’s Sugar Bowl and debating whether I’ll even watch the BCS Championship next week.

Welcome to 2014, which will hopefully inspire me more than last year did (sorry, film industry).

What are the most exciting shows returning? Any promising pilots? Any feelings about sports, or are we all just waiting for nights of rich people giving each other stuff?

So many questions, now with so much time. Happy New Year!


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